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How to make your trip more Chinese and enjoyable?

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 Here we are happy  to suggest something that could make your journey more Chinese and enjoyable.

Itinerary Plus    

While in Beijing why not trying Yoyo learning, Chinese Paper-cutting, or Chinese Cooking and Tachi classes in Yangshuo. This is a fascinating way to connect with Chinese people and culture.

Biking and hiking tours    

Would you like to get closer to nature and everyday life in China or go off-the-beaten-roads? Why not trying biking or hiking during your stay?. The most popular routes in China are biking around the Hutongs, around Tiananmen Square in Beijing, biking on the City wall in Xian, and biking around the countryside in Yangshuo near Guilin. Further more, Great Wall hiking, Li River and Tiger leaping Gorge are very attractive for hiking enthusiasts. If this appeals to you, I am happy to check the possibility and tell you more.


China Travel selects our accommodation very carefully. 98% are of international standard with central locations. We also provide a variety of types to cater for the needs of our customers e.g: courtyard, modern Art theme, guest house, apartments for families with children.

Train travel

Train travel is the preferred method of transporation for local people and now is also becoming popular among overseas visitors. It is nice to see the countryside during the day time, and train travel also saves from 10%--20% of the total cost when comparing with flight travel. You can find our train travel tours here: http://www.chinatravel.com/china-tours/theme/china-train-travel/

Products designed with your family/group in mind

Most of our clients come with older family or close friends. They prefer to travel at a comfortable pace. However, if younger children are part of the group we have developed products that will suit everybody taste. Our pandas are a hit with every age and Chinese Shadow Play Show is facinationg. Celebrating an anniversary or even a honeymoon; we are happy to arrange romantic restaurants or prepare a surprise party (One husband had designed a small party for his wife’s birthday in Yangshuo); if you are a teacher, we can check the possibility of visiting middle school or university even inviting a professor to take about the cultural differences between eastern and western education. Please let us know if you have a particular interest or request.

Group Tours

Are you looking for a budget tour but where you are not just one of the crowd? Visit China’s most famous destinations -- Beijing, Shanghai, Xian, Guilin and the Yangtze River with us for an authentic China experience at a great price: http://www.chinatravel.com/group-tours/


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