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How to save money for my China trip?

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We have some suggestions for customers to cut down the cost, without too much influence of the itinerary and comfort of the trip. Please take a look at following information:

1. Skip one or two destinations

China trip is considered to be once a life time chance for most of aboard customers, so if you are interested in those places and sites after you paid a large amount of international airfare, you will make the decision to do the right choice, will you? 

2. Change the type of transportation

Traveling by train in China is one of the cheapest ways to travel some of the long distances in China and is used widely by the local population. There is no non-smoking compartment on the train and each compartment of the train in the itinerary has four beds, you will share the compartment with other two passengers unless you decide to purchase four tickets. It is important to know what to expect if you decide to travel by train in China. For more information, please visit our FAQ at  http://www.chinatravel.com/china-travel-faq/china-train-travel/

Since the places you will visit locates in quite difference area of wide China, I would like to suggest that you take overnight train travel and no more than 13 hours for comfort and not wasting time for sightseeing consideration. Beijing-Xian (12 hours) and Xian – Shanghai (15 hours) could use overnight train if you would like to have a different experience and saving cost of flight& one night accommodation.

3. Change the type of tour, seat-in-coach tour rarher than private one in some cities (Beijing, Xian, Guilin and Shanghai) where possible

China Travel does not operate Seat-in-Coach Tours. We act as a booking agent for specialized SIC operators so we do not accept the complaint for the seat-in-coach tour, we hope you could understand. We use these operators in good faith based on our experience and feedback on their service however we cannot guarantee the level of service or the attitude of the staff. You should expect to be taken to at least 2 shops or factories and the guide may "encourage" you to buy. Guides will not provide personalized attention to individual customers as they will on a private tour. 

4. Part of the trip make arrangements by yourselves

Some cities of China like Hong Kong, Macau, customers could explore the cities by themselves because there is difficulty in language communication and not as much historical and famous sites as that in Beijing etc. I would like to suggest that you take one day highlights tour of Shanghai, and one day water twon tour for nearby city and then you could explore and relaxing in Shanghai by yourselves, this could save you around US$500 for two of you. 

5. Choose wire transfer for payment

The quotation that we provid has included credit card/Paypal transaction fee, so if you could use wire transfer to pay full amount of the cost (deposit & balance could be paid separately) then you could save around US$150 based on the first quotation that I sent, though this is the method that not as convenience as Paypal and credit card, but this amount could be spent as two luxury dinner in China! 

6. Find more people to join your group and share the cost

The guide, vehicle and meals’ fee will be lower for each person when you have more people sharing it. And when you have 10 people or ask for at least 5 rooms to reach the standard of group rate for accommodation, then the price for this part will be quite different.

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