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How to travel for visitors with wheelchairs?

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Can I get free wheel chair service?

Lots of 5 star hotels provide free wheel chair service, like Xian. Give some deposit to those hotels, and then visitors can rent wheel chair for free.

Where can I rent a wheel chair?
Beijing Zhongyi International Travel Service rent out wheel chairs with 150 yuan per chair per day within China.

Can I fly with my wheel chair?
Passengers with wheel chair must apply in advance when booking tickets as one flight takes only one application of wheel chair passenger. In the airport, passenger’s own wheel chair gets checked in for free.  They should use the wheel chair that provided by the airport and go through a safe passage. Meanwhile, when pass through the security checks, this kind of passengers should be accompanied by an airport staff. When get off planes, wheel chair passenger will be helped by stewards after all other passengers get off.
Both manually propelled wheelchairs and electrically propelled wheelchairs can get checked in for free and not account for the pieces of free baggage.

What should I need to know and take care to get my wheelchair checks in successfully?
Electrically propelled wheelchairs

  1. Electrically propelled wheelchairs with leakproof type batteries

The 2 poles of batteries should prevent short circuit. Meanwhile, these batteries are installed in the wheel chair firmly.

  1. Electrically propelled wheelchairs with not leakproof type batteries

Batteries should be taken down from this kind of wheel chairs. Those batteries should be put in a hard bag which is tightness that no battery fluid can leak out. This bag must be marked with battery, wet, wheel chair or battery,wet,with mobility aid and pasted a label with corrosive.
The hard bag will be fastened by bands or clips onto container plate or into bellyhold.

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