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Lijiang Travel FAQ

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Civil Aviation

Can I take a plane to Lijiang?
Lijiang airport is one of the three airports in Yunnan Province. Visitors can take a flight from Kunming, Xishuangbanna, Guangzhou, Chongqin, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Guiyang, Zhuhai and many Large and medium-sized cities in China.

How to go to the urban area of Lijiang from Lijiang airport?
Visitors can take the airport bus line and the terminus is Yunnan Air Company. On the halfway, the bus will pass through one of the entrances of Lijiang Ancient Town and it is a 30 minutes’ journey. Take a taxi from the entrance to the central region of the ancient city will only cost you 6Yuan. Visitors also can take a taxi straightly ahead to the Lijiang Ancient City.

Lijiang Ancient Town

Highway Transport

Can I take a bus to Lijiang?
You can take a bus from Kunming, Dali or Panzhihua (in Sichuan province) station to Lijiang. Lijiang is one of the stop on the line of the No.214 National Highway from south to north. The 214 National Highway travels to the north and it passes Zhongdian (Shangri-la), leading to Tibet; in the direction of south, it extends to all the directions through Dali. The Highway from Dali to Lijiang was opened in 1999. It makes the condition of transportation more convenient. The roads are almost all winding mountain tar-coated roads. The distance Kunming to Lijiang is about 500klms. Express buses operate from Kunming to Dali on 320 National Highway and Dali to Lijiang; you have to take the 214 National Highway.

How to go to the Lijiang Ancient City from Lijiang Bus Station?
Visitors can take the bus 11 to the entrance of the Lijiang Ancient City or take a taxi.

Can I take a train to Lijiang?
Lijiang Railway is completed in 2010 and it is very convenient to take a train fron Dali to Lijiang.

City Transportation

Taxis in Lijiang run with the flag fall of six Yuan in the first three kilometers and after that, every kilometer add 1.6 Yuan for a small cab and flag fall of seven Yuan for a Santana cab then 1.8 Yuan per kilometer.
Smart cards buses are available and mini-bus and small trucks are also a convenient means of transport.
Tourism specific routes
In Lijiang, special tourism buses are available to get to vary scenic spots. Visitors can take a bus from the bus station to the Dongba Cultural Center only cost one Yuan. To the Jade Dragon Mountains, visitors can take a bus from the urban area costing nine Yuan for each person. There are three routes available to Shanping where you can get a good view the magnificent Jade Dragon Mountains: one is to take the plank road built along the face of a cliff, which costs you ten Yuan, another is to ride a horse, which costs you sixty Yuan, the other is to take a cable car, which costs you forty Yuan.

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain
Bicycle is always the best way to visit the ancient town in China. And it is one of the best ways to go sight-seeing in the down town area. Bicycle rental service is available at No. 70, Xenia Street, the Red Sun Square and the Youth Hotel. The fee for the rent is about fifteen Yuan a day. But the service of bike for rent in the Youth Hotel is only for the guests who stay in the hotel.

Local Product

What are the local products in Lijiang?
Every minority in China is good at making merchandise and handicrafts. In Lijiang ancient town, elaborate handicraft is popular among visitors. You can buy all kinds of local special product coming from different regions of Southwestern China. The local Naxi murals will be a good choice for the visitors who would like to collect murals.


Where to buy the local products?
There is a square shape market named "Sifang Street" in the central area of Lijiang ancient town. With tidy stores along the streets, this market becomes the most important traditional market in Lijiang. You should be patient when shopping in Lijiang ancient town, because lots of interesting things can only be found in some lonely alleyways. Don't buy overabundant merchandise, make sure that whether it's convenient for you to take back home or not.

How to go to the Sifang Street?
If you are in the ancient city, the Sifang Street is right in the centre of the city. Visitors can also take No.2, 3, 13 and 15 buses there.

Sifang Street


How is the weather in Lijiang?
Weather in Lijiang varies from dry and wet seasons. The dry season lasting in the winter from November to the following April while the rainy season from May to October. During the rainy season, the average precipitation reaches about 1,000 mm in the whole year. 85% of the precipitation ocupy the total of the whole year especially from July to October. Visitors should bring some equipment such as sun scream, sun glasses and umbrellas to prevent you from the sun burning because of the strong Ultraviolet radiation on the high altitude of 2,400 meters.

When is the best time to visit Lijiang?
Best Visiting Time
There is no obviously different season in Lijiang. Therefore, Lijiang is suitable for visitors to take a journey all the year round because of the favorable weather condition. Among the four seasons, autumn (September to November) is the most beautiful season of Lijiang, boasting cool weather and blooming flowers, making it the best time to travel to Lijiang.
Spring (March to May)
In spring, Lijiang is rich in sunny and warm days, with the temperature ranging from 6℃ to 20℃. For packing, long-sleeved coast and pants are necessary.
Summer (June to August)
In summer, there will be rainy days happened in Lijiang, with the temperature ranging from 15℃ to 26℃. The temperature varies a lot of differences between mornings and evening and very hot in the daytime. Visitors come to Lijiang in this season will suffer frequent rainfall and lightning storms. For packing, T-shirts, pants, sun scream, sunglasses and umbrellas are recommended. 
Autumn (September to November)
Autumn is the best season to travel to Lijiang with the temperature ranging from 10℃ to 23℃. The rainy days will be less than summer and decrease much and mid-October marks the end of rainy days and it will be drier and drier day by day.
Winter (December to the following February)
From autumn, weather in Lijiang will get dry and in winter, Lijiang is full of dry and relatively cool days, with the temperature ranging from 0℃ to 12℃. Located in the area of subtropical zone, snowfall is rare during winter of Lijiang. But because of the high altitude, visitors can appreciate the snow cap of Jade Snow Mountain. For packing, warm clothes, such as thick sweaters, cotton-padded jackets and down jackets are recommended.

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