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Suzhou FAQs

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When is the best visiting time to Suzhou?

The best visiting time is during the spring and autumn. The summer of Suzhou is too hot and winter is chill.


What souvenirs can we buy in Suzhou?

Suzhou souvenirs are not only materials but also a kind of culture. People can sense the culture from Suzhou souvenirs. Since ancient time in China, goods in Suzhou have been given a special character as Suzhou has been renowned as the heaven on earth. You can buy Suzhou folding fan, sandalwood fan, silk palace fan, paper fan, padauk caving, embroidery, jade carving, writing brush, Su brocade, Lacquer ware carving, Ke silk and so on. 

  • Suzhou embroidery, multi-colored and gorgeous, is regarded as a pearl of Chinese art. The original place of Suzhou embroidery is in the area of Wu County.
  • Suzhou writing bushes are classified into six categories: Goat hair, Mixed hair, Purple hair, Wolf hair, Clock glume and Weasel hair. 
  • Suzhou Song Brocade, well-known for its magnificent color, delicate patterns and softness

Suzhou garden

Where can we buy Suzhou souvenirs and local products?

  • Guanqian Street

Guanqian Street is in the center place of Suzhou. Guanqian Street is the busiest business pedestrian street in Suzhou. With many big emporiums, franchised stores and well-known restaurants, it is considered to be the center of shopping and consumption.

  • Shantang Street

Among those numerous alleys, Shantang Street is regarded as the first street of Gusu. Now it has become a famous pedestrian street with many franchised stores, business mansions, bars and so on.

  • Suzhou Embroidery Research Institute

In this place, people can see masters sew pieces of double-sided art. There are some showrooms that visitors can buy silk products.
Address: No.272 Jingde Road, Pingjiang District, Suzhou, China

  • Weitang Chinese Pearl and Gem City

This is a place that you can buy excellent quality pearls and gems. Remember bargain in here. Offer half price to vender. Stalls in the center floor sell lower to mid quality. The second floor is jade.
Address: Weitang Town, Xiangcheng District | China Pearls, Suzhou, China

How to go to Suzhou?

Visitors can go to Suzhou by air, train and bus.

Can we go to Suzhou by air?

Suzhou does not have its own international airport by now. Visitors can take airplane to Shanghai (Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport or Pudong International Airport) which is near to Suzhou. Getting off the plane in Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport, visitors can walk to Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station. Take high speed train to from Hongqiao Railway Station to Suzhou only takes about half an hour.

Can we go to Suzhou by train?

Visitors can take high speed trains or high speed trains to Suzhou. As one of the top tour destinations in China, there are a lot of trains and high speed trains to Suzhou. There are four railway stations in Suzhou: Suzhou Railway Staion, North Railway Station-high speed train station, Suzhou New District Railway Station and Suzhou Park Railway Staion.

How to go to Suzhou Railway Station?

Visitors can take subway line 2 and bus No. 26, 28, 83, 119, 202, 518, You 1, 5, 6, 7, 10 and 522 to Suzhou Railway Station. Visitors can get high speed train and trains in this station.

How to go to North Railway Station?

This station serves for high speed trains running on Beijing to Shanghai high speed railway. Take bus No. 819, 711, 80, 819, and 77 to this station.

How to go to Suzhou New District Railway Station?

Take bus No. 34, 36, 85, 306, 311, 326, 329, 335, 441 and 529 to this station. This station serves for bullet trains running on Nanjing-Shanghai high speed railway.

How to go to Suzhou Park Railway Station?

This station serves for 12 bullet trains to and from Shanghai and 15 high speed trains to and from Nanjing. Take bus No. 115, 116, 262, 161, 119, 166 and 258 to this station.

Can we go to Suzhou by bus?

There are 5 bus stations in Suzhou: Suzhou North Bus Station, Suzhou South Bus Station, Suzhou West Bus Station, Suzhou Wuzhong Bus Station and Suzhou Weitang Bus Station.
Suzhou North Bus Station is located in the east of Suzhou Railway Station.
Suzhou South Bus Station is located at the corner of Nanhuan Eastern Road and Yingchun Road. Take bus No.10, 931, 54, or 55 buses to this bus station.
Take No.313, 39, 302, 317, or 622 buses will take you to Suzhou West Bus Station.


How is the transportation in Suzhou?

The transportation in Suzhou is very convenient. Visitors can easily take buses and taxis.

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