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Zhangjiajie Travel FAQ

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From Changsha to Zhangjiajie


Can I take a fight to Zhangjiajie?
As the capital city of Hunan, Changsha has convenient transportation in air, railway and highway. Changsha Huanghua International Airport has the capability of 4,600,000 passengers every year, is the largest and best-equipped in Hunan Province and also famous as one of the top 20 busiest and best airports in China. From Changsha to Zhangjiajie is included into the airline of the Changsha civil aviation.

How to go to the Changsha airport?
There are regular airport buses from the Aviation Hotel to the airport from 6:30 am, the ticket is 16.5 Yuan and it will take you 30 minutes. There is another choice to take take the public bus No 114 if you are not in a hurry. It will take 65 minutes from the railway station to the airport, and openning time is from 6:30 am to 4:30 pm. 

Can I take a high-speed train from Changsha to Zhangjiajie?
The high-speed train service from Changsha to Zhangjiajie is not open yet. Visitors can take a train and it will take five to six hours.

How to go to the Changsha Railway Station?
The railway station is located at Dongzhan Road of the urban area. Visitors can take many public buses such as 108, 110, 111 and 113 to get there. Changsha railway station is a big modern station in the line of Beijing – Guangzhou railway.

Can I take a bus to Zhangjiajie?
There are many highway schedules to Zhangjiajie from Changsha. Visitors can go to the Changsha Bus Station to take the nonstop bus. There are many fixed frequencies to Zhangjiajie and it is about four hours on the highway.

How to go to the Changsha Bus Station?
There are four bus stations in Changsha. To the south bus station, visitors can take the bus 102, 103, 107, 120, 123. To the east bus station, visitors can take the bus 168, 502, 703, 802, 103, 110, 114, 126, 127. To the west bus station, visitors can take the bus 18, 309, 315, 348, 902, 909. Visitors can also go to the long-distance bus station on the opposite side of the railway station to take the nonstop bus to Zhangjiajie.

zhangjiajie Nationa Forest Park

In Zhangjiajie


How to go to the urban area from Zhangjiajie Airport?
Visitors can take the bus 4 at the departure station 100 meters from the airport. Visitors can also take a taxi. The taxi fee will not exceed 30Yuan.

How to go to the urban area from Zhangjiajie Railway Station?
The bus 5 and 6 are both pass through the urban area and it will take 15 minutes. Take an taxi will cost you 15Yuan.

Is the transport convenient in Zhangjiajie City?
Public Bus
There are 10 bus routes in Zhangjiajie now. The average fee for the bus is either 0.5 or 1 RMB per trip. With the fast development of the city transportation, the bus routes cover most parts of the city.
The starting price is 3 RMB. If you go to the railway station or the Lotus Airport by taxi, the price is 15Yuan.
Driving by oneself
Visitors would like to travel by themselves can rent a car to go to different scenic spots. The prices vary from 400 to 1, 200 according to different traveling routes, time and types of the car. Generally, 800 to 4000 Yuan is for a minibus. If you want to know about the prices and the detailed information, you had better check out in the car renting company.

Local product

What are the local products in Zhangjiajie?
Shangzhi Salted Bean Curd Cake, Cili Bark of Eucommia, Tujia Stick Painting, Stewed Chicken with Gastrodia Elata Soup, Tortoise Veined Stone Carving, Porridge with Pig Blood, Tujia Maize Wine, Wuling Jewel, Lobster Blossom Tea, Kudzu Powder and Kudzu Root Tea—sweet Dew In Tujia Family.

Where to buy the local products?
Guanghe Shopping Center: it is the largest scale shopping center in Zhangjiajie. Visitors can buy some necessities in this shopping center.
Address: Lingyuan north road, Zhangjiajie.
Tujia Sister Local Product Company: It is a place for shopping which visitors could not miss. The company is located in the Agricultural Eco-sightseeing garden. There visitors can see the process of making the handicraft.
People’s Square Commercial Pedestrian Street: The 200-meter-long street is totally occupied by the strong feature of nationality. The product is not only the traditional local product but with the creative design idea. In addition to go shopping in the street, the scenery around is also a great charm.
Address: Liberation Road, Zhangjiajie City


How is the weather in Zhangjiajie?
Zhangjiajie enjoys a subtropical humid monsoon climate, with four distinct seasons, namely the cool spring and summer and warm autumn and winter. There is no extremely heat in summer or extremely cold in winter. July has the hottest day with the temperature of about 28 ℃. The coldest days occur in January with the temperature of about 5 ℃.
When is the best time to visit Zhangjiajie and what should I prepare to visit Zhangjiajie?
Spring: Passing through the winter, the temperature begins to rise in March and flowers begin to bloom. Spring is the season of the recovery of all plants, making it the best and the comfortable weather to visit Zhangjiajie. There is large temperature difference between day and night, thus, people should bring warm clothes in case of the cold weather.
Summer: Summer is the season of rainy and sunny days. For packing, umbrellas, sun cream and sunglasses are needed. As it’s right the time of summer holidays, plenty of students in China choose to go on a visit in summer holiday. Visitors who plan to visit Zhangjiajie should prepare for the journey in advance.
Autumn: The heat is gradually eliminating in September and the weather is becoming comparatively cool and comfortable. It’s a wonderful period for tourists to climb mountains and appreciate the harvest of the golden autumn. It should be noticed that tourists had better avoid Chinese National Day (October 1 to 7) when there are numerous people traveling, bringing inconvenience for travelers. There is much fog in November in Zhangjiajie, making the mountains look mysterious and beautiful The temperature ranges from 12℃ to 25℃.
Winter: In winter, visitors should bring thick and warm clothes such as down jackets, cotton-padded jackets and thick sweaters to struggle against the coldest January of Zhangjiajie with the temperature ranging from -3 ℃ to 10 ℃. There is frequent heavy snowfall in winter.

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