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How to become a member of China Travel

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It is very easy to become a member of China Travel. Just follow the steps below to register with China Travel and you will be a member of China Travel after your registration.

Step 1: Click this link (http://www.chinatravel.com/forms/register.asp), enter your screen name, password and a valid email address. Tell us more about you by filling the Optional Fields such as Your Real Name, Nationality, ect if you are willing to do so.

2. Click the “submit” icon after you have finished filling the form. In that case, a notification e-mail will be sent to your entered mailbox with your screen name and password.

3. Now you are a member of China Travel. Being a member of China Travel, you can:

  • 1. Sharing your travel experiences by writing travel stories, uploading travel photos
  • 2. Tell future travelers your personal expression of a place, attraction, hotel or restaurant by writing reviews.
  • 3. Ask questions in Q & A.
  • 4. Receive monthly newsletter or other travel materials which you might be interested in.

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