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How to make a reservation

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It is very easy to book a tour with us on our website by following steps.

Step1: Select a Tour Select tours that you favor on our tour pages and then please click the "Inquiry/Customize this Tour" red button in the middle of the web page to goes to the booking page. If you have any questions about the tours, please let us know. You can click the "Ask a Question" red button to ask questions there. Our online travel advisors will quickly answer your questions within one working day.

Step2:  You need provide us with details of your travel plans by filling in the information on the booking page. Some questions may be not necessary but keep in mind that more information can contribute to our travel advisors to create the perfect vacation for you.

Step3: Submit Your Booking. After filling all the necessary information, please click the "Submit Your Information".

The reservation is made successfully.

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