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What is a package tour

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A Tour Package is a China trip which has been constructed by China Highlights Travel and will include all the components to make your China visit an unforgettable experience as follows:
*Domestic fares including airfares, rail or road as specified in the tour
*Accommodation as specified
*Meals as specified
*Guide and driver
*Taxes and fees as specified
We do the organization so you just have to enjoy your trip.

1. Private China Tours 
Does your small group of family or friends (1-9 People) want privacy and freedom to change the schedule at short notice? Yes? Then work with our travel advisors to design an Independent China Package to suit your needs.

2. Organized Small Group Tours
Our experience guarantees that you see the best and get the best at the best price by joining one of our Organized Small Group Tours. The quality doesn't change we guarantee it!

Private China Tours are usually small groups consisting of 1-9 people (individuals, family or friends). Group members can enjoy the convenience and privacy of traveling in one vehicle by themselves. Choosing a PRIVATE TOUR will give much more flexibility with your itinerary and time. Your group will have an experienced private guide and driver at your disposal to ensure that you experience the best we have to offer. Groups of 1-3 guests will usually travel by air-conditioned car while groups of 4-9 will travel by air-conditioned van. Is your group 5 or larger? Check our price for a PRIVATE CHINA TOUR! You will be pleasantly surprised.

Organized Small Group Tours can be divided into 2 categories:

1. Single City/Short Tours
2. Multi-destinations China Packages

1. Single City Tours are 2-5 day packages focusing on the attractions of one city or geographical area. You will be welcomed by our guide who will meet you at your entry point whether it is the train station, airport or your hotel. You will then be able to enjoy a fully escorted tour to enjoy the sights in the comfort of one of our air-conditioned luxury vehicles.

2. Multi-Destination China Packages We have constructed packages that contain the most requested and popular sights and attractions in China. We combine the best of China with our experience and know how to give you a great tour at a great price. You will travel by luxury coach with the best drivers and guides who will ensure you lack nothing and you will meet new friends with whom you can share your China experiences.

We guarantee that you will not be disappointed by the quality or the value of our Private Tour or our Organized Small Group Tours. Our fixed departure dates for Organized Small Group Tours mean that you can plan your trip with certainty.

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