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Can passengers get on the net on cruise ships

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On most of the cruise ships, passengers can surf the internet in the appointed places for a fee. On President Prime, there is an internet access in each of its room. Passengers need to request the service at the reception desk in the first place, with the charge of 40 CNY for half an hour. The detailed charges for surfing the internet on different cruises are as follows:

Victoria Cruises: 150 CNY per person for the whole trip; 300 CNY per person for Victoria Prince with the route between Chongqing and Shanghai

New Century Cruises: CNY 30/hour for Century Star and Century Sun; CNY 20/hour for Century Diamond

President Cruises: CNY 50 for half an hour

CH Victoria, Yangtze 1, Blue Whale and Sunshine China: CNY 60/hour
China Dragon: CNY 60/hour

Yangzi Explorer: CNY 80/hour

Yangtze Gold 1: CNY 20/hour; CNY 300 per person for the whole trip

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