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113 Travel Agencies Approved to Provide Taiwan Service

Published by  mercier at 2009/2/20;

According to The Measures for the Administration of the Travel of Mainland Residents to the Taiwan Region and Regulations on the Management of Travel Agencies, 113 international travel service providers from 25 Chinese provinces have been designated as the second group of travel agencies to provide Taiwan travel services.

Among the 113 travel service providers, seven are from Beijing including Beijing China International Travel Service Company, and there are seven approved travel agencies from Shanghai including Shanghai CITS International Travel Service Company.

The remaining 99 travel agencies approved to offer Taiwan service comprise two from Tianjin, four from Hebei, four from Shanxi, five from Liaoning, three from Jilin, three from Heilongjiang, six from Jiangsu, six from Zhejiang, three from Anhui, seven from Fujian, three from Jiangxi, five from Shandong, six from Henan, four from Hubei, eight from Guangdong, two from Hainan, four from Chongqing, six from Sichuan, three from Guizhou, four from Yunnan, and three from Shaanxi, three from Guangxi including Guilin China International Travel Service company which China Highlights and China Travel belong to.

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