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Touch Screens Set up to Serve Tourists in Forbidden City

Published by  david at 2008/4/18;

16 touch screens have been set up at the major roads of the three halls in Forbidden City to serve tourists with navigation news about the complex and its culture show.

The Forbidden City is rectangular in shape, surrounded by a moat and a 10 meter high wall, and has 9,999 rooms (one short of the heavenly number of 10,000).  The southern section, or the Outer Court, contains the Hall of Sacred Harmony, Hall of Complete Harmony and Hall of Preserving Harmony.  The northern section, or the Inner Court, contains a number of other halls and the Imperial Garden.

To help visit such a complex, these 16 touch screens have topics on the touch screen including digital navigation of the palace, the treasure of the palace and the imperial in the palace. Tourists can search and decide their locations and routines on the e-map of digital navigation of the palace and also the other information. They are located separately at both sides of middle gate of Hall of Supreme Harmony and backdoor of Hall of Preserved Harmony.

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