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Jiuhuashan Tianchi Scenic Spot to open on October 1

Published by  chinatravel at 2009/8/6;

 According to  Chinese news, tourist attractions Tianchi Jiuhuashan Anhui Province is expected to open on October 1.


Jiuhua Tianchi major tourist attractions projects suburb to play advantage and pillow Hill have characteristics of water resources, relying on the main urban areas, scenic areas and docking Jiuhuashan to keep in good health for leisure, to create eco-licensing, and leisure articles, create a "dream Tianchi , quiet mountain "of the tourism image.In May last year, the Tourism Development Area through expert assessment of the overall plan, approved by the Central Government, in March this year was included in the focus of one of the Central Government.   The total investment of the project is 70 million, developed in three phases, of which the first  input was10 million.  At present, the main visitor center has been capped, the entrance garden area remediation and greening work coming to an end, Longchi resort, tourist resort Glacier Point Valley Trail has been through.


Scenic areas of publicity and promotion work is for pre-warm-up, scenic tourism and cultural excavation, consolidation and promotion of marketing work in tandem with the television landscape has entered the post-production film, the original invitation to the famous CCTV host Zhao Zhongxiang dubbing for film and tourism website also construction and scenic entrance Jiuhuashan launched a huge outdoor advertising image. Actively invited renowned calligraphers, photographers, writers and journalists who Caifeng scenic.


The Tianchi is quite beautiful ,a place worth visiting,and yuo won't be regret about that.

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