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Jiuzhaigou to Become China's First Intelligent Scenic Spot

Published by  go2c at 2010/1/15;

We have learned from a recent seminar that the Jiuzhaigou scenic spot in Sichuan province will have its management process improved by the use of radio frequency identification devices and is thus set to become the first intelligent scenic spot in China.

Intelligent Jiuzhaigou refers to the intelligent management of the Jiuzhaigou scenic spot, and is based on an integrated, high-speed two-way communication network that will be used to improve the business operation and public relations of the Jiuzhaigou scenic. The aim is to achieve the optimal use of the area's tourism resources and ensure the orderly development and protection of its ecological environment, improve tourist-satisfaction and maximize tourism value. Intelligent Jiuzhai focuses on solving such tangible problems as congestion during the peak tourism season and realizing an optimal real-time management through information technology.

Following the footsteps of IBM, which launched the Intelligent Earth concept in 2008, the management of Jiuzhaigou announced in 2009 that it would create the first Intelligent Scenic Spot in China. So far, it has begun to study RFID use for natural ecology protection areas and earthquake sites, which is reported to be one of the major topics of China's National High Technology Research and Development Program (863 Program). The program has already received investments from the Chinese government, and it is to be finished by 2011.

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