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Shanghai Peach Blossom Festival 2010 to Held in Late March

Published by  go2c at 2010/3/9;

The 20th Shanghai Peach Blossom Festival will be held in Peach Blossom Village of Nanhui District from March 26th to Aril 14th, 2010. The Peach Blossom Festival highlights unique significances of cultural life in Shanghai suburbs, and it will hold a number of interesting activities that are designed on the basis of rural life. Covering an area of thousands of acres in the suburb of Shanghai, the beautiful village is surrounded by peach plantations, and is surely to obtain a romantic environment for people to enjoy the tranquil peaceful moments of life.

Since 1991, Nanhui (pronounced nan-hwey) District has organized its annual peach blossom festival in March and April. This festival signifies a combination of peach blossom appreciation and Chinese folk culture presentations and has won much applause from visitors.

As the symbol is good things, peaches and peach blossoms are especially loved by Chinese people. The peach blossom, with its pleasant flowers, symbolizes life, growth and prosperity. The flowers, in a visual hierarchy due to the ascending or descending of colors, form a rosy sea. It is regarded as the most auspicious of all plants. The peach, in Chinese culture, is a symbol of long life and one of the strongest defenses against evil.

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