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Beijing Public Transportation During 2008 Olympic Games

Published by  iris at 2008/5/13;

Beijing has tried many ways to incite people to commute by Public Transportation, a good, green, environment-friendly choice, to ease road congestion and improve air quality during the Olympics. The city's transportation department will open 34 bus routes to the Olympic venues, called Olympic special bus lines. And private cars are not allowed to enter the Olympic Venues; therefore it’s better for visitors to choose the Public Transportation.


The buses in Beijing can be divided into three types: the downtown buses (numbered within 900), special lines buses (including the buses whose number beginning with “T”, Yongtong Buses and Olympic special bus lines) and the “9” line suburb buses. Visitors should make it clear that some buses have "Partial Route", "Branch" or "Extend" after their numbers, whose routes are different from the buses of the same number.

In Beijing, fixed price at RMB 1 is charged for a public bus numbered within 500. Buses numbered between 500 and 900, the buses whose number beginning with “T”, Yongtong Buses ( buses belong to Yuntong Bus Company) and the suburb buses (buses numbered above 900) charge by distance, i.e. RMB 1 for a ride within 12 (including 12) kilometers, and RMB 0.5 is accumulated for every additional 5 kilometers. After getting on the bus, visitors should buy tickets from the busmen who all can speak daily English. It is also a good idea to buy a Public Transportation Card which charges a starting fare of 40 cents per trip. And passengers should check in with their cards when get on the bus and check out when get off the bus.


There are 5 lines of subway in Beijing, including Line 1, Line 2, Line 5, Line 13, and Batong Line. It is also planed that Line 10 Part I and Airport line will be opened by 2008 the Olympic Games. The ticket price is RMB 2 (no discount for using Public Transportation Card). But the price of the Airport Line is not conformed. The transfer between each two lines is free of charge expect the Airport Line.

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