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The 20th Qingdao International Beer Festival

Published by  joyce at 2010/8/23;

The 20th Qingdao International Beer Festival was held in Qingdao City. It will last sixteen days from 14th August to 29th August, 2010. The Beer Festivalreceives 0.25 million tourists a day on average. From the beginning till now, the Beer Festival has received more than 2 million tourists from home and abroad. Guests can fully enjoy dazzling lighting, charming breeze, great beer and poetic exploration.

Beer bars and snack streets are filled with tourists from everywhere every day and Qingdao becomes an energetic and exciting city. According to statistics, visitors from other places account for 29 percent of all the tourists. And the Chinese tourists account for 16 percent of all the tourists. Because of the International Beer Festival, the tourists of Qingdao are much more than that of other cities in China every year.

Tourists from 28 countries came to have an intimate experience of this great Beer Festival. They are from Japan, Korea, Philippines, France, Malaysia, America, Canada and many other countries in the whole world. An African from Tanzania, dancing with the traditional African ethnic customs, said that he was completely conquered by the orgiastic atmosphere of the Festival and there was no ethnic and geographical restriction when people were enjoying themselves. A Japanese tourist said that he enjoyed this great Beer Festival to his heart’s content and abandoned himself to pleasures.

The 20th Qingdao International Beer Festival consists of opening ceremony, entertainment parties, game of sampling beer, closing ceremony party and other activities. During the beer Festival, the streets and alleys of Qingdao have been freshly renovated. Qingdao International Beer Hall, equipped with advanced entertainment facilities, covers an area of 500 acres and is noticeable for its rich bouquet. Every year, more than 20 world-famous beer manufacturers and 3 million tourists come to the Beer Festival.

By tapping and enriching the connotation of culture, the 2010 Qingdao International Beer Festival offers tourists greater thrills and a strong flavour of festival. An exposition of brewing technology of the international beer and beverages will be held. Qingdao International Beer Festival tries its  best to become the greatest party which is widely known and enjoyed by people all over the world.


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