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The 12th Beijing International Tourism Festival

Published by  joyce at 2010/9/14;

Autumn is the most beautiful season of Beijing. In such a beautiful season, the 12th Beijing International Tourism Festival is to start soon. It will last three days, from September 19th to 21st. Beautiful Beijing, City of world renown, is the theme of this great festival. In this festival, there will be about 2,500 performers in beautiful dresses from home and abroad. They will give tourists many elaborate performances.

The grand opening ceremony will be held in the Commercial Pedestrian Street of Qian Men Street on September 19th, which will embody the traditional culture and folklore of Beijing. One of the highlights of this festival will be seven square formations consisting of performers in their finest clothes, with several vintage cars ahead.

This festival will have sub-venues for the first time from September 20th to 21st. The branch venues are Olympic Road, Xidan Cultural Plaza and International Business District of Blue Harbor. It is said that the performances in the opening ceremony will also be performed in these three branch venues. Besides, there will be a public exhibition of tourist attractions and tourism information service. All of those will show you a real Beijing City.

The highlight in Olympic Road which may attract tourists is the exhibition of vintage cars that are from all over the world and can be enjoyed all day. It’s said that the oldest vintage car has a history of 90 years. It’s a good opportunity for people who are interested in cars.

Beijing International Tourism Festival was held in 1998 for the first time. Though it has been held 11 times, every festival has its unique theme and content. Beijing International Tourism Festival was awarded title “one of the most influential festivals” by IFEA. As China National Day is drawing near, tourists can come to Beijing to enjoy China National Holidays.

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