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Severe Typhoon Fanapi Roared Ashore

Published by  michell at 2010/9/20;

Severe Typhoon Fanapi swept across the coast near Hualian of Taiwan on September 19th. The whole Taiwan was shrouded in the storm. According to the data from Meteorological Department, strong winds of force 12 and 13 appeared in Hualian, Su’ao and other places. The data of Central Meteorological Observatory showed that the top sustained wind of Fanapi was force 3 when it roared ashore.

Because of the severe typhoon, schools, companies and factories in the whole Taiwan were closed down all day except Jinmen and Mazu. The airlines in Taiwan were forced to cancel all of the flights. Meanwhile, it was reported that Shanghai Airlines, China Eastern Airlines, Hainan Airlines and other airlines on the mainland of China had canceled their flights to Taiwan in September 19th. Affected by the fierce storm, electricity supply of 300 thousand houses had been cut off until the noon of September 19th. Many areas of Taiwan were still flooded and the communication in some areas was disrupted.

Fanapi then went closer to the center of Fujian Province, the east of Guangdong Province and other coastal areas. It hit Zhangpu County of Fujian Province at 7:00, September 20th with the winds of force 12. Most flights of Fujian and its adjacent cities were delayed. And  Fanapi will keep moving west with the speed of 20 kilometers per hour.

As  Fanapi  was landing China, a stream of cold air began to influence China from west to east. According to Central Meteorological Observatory, this is the strongest cold air that influences China since winter has set in this year with influences on wider scale. In the following three days, there will be strong wind and low temperature in most parts of North China.

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