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Guangzhou Canceled the Policy of Free Public Transit

Published by  go2c at 2010/11/7;

Since November 8, 2010, the municipal government of Guangzhou has ceased the policy of offering free public transit during the Asian Games.

From the beginning of this month, Guangzhou has been offering free public transit to people from all around the world (see our previous news report). After the seven-day operation, the transportation capacity and subway system was proved to be overloaded every day, which brought serious impact on the subway security check and even the whole security system during the Guangzhou Asian Games. In order to ensure the smooth operation of public transportation during the Games, Guangzhou government decided to cease the policy of offering free public transit. As an alternative public welfare policy, Guangzhou citizens will receive transport subsidies from the government.

Followed by the new policy, the crowed situation may be changed, and it might take less waiting time for public bus and subways. Therefore, your trip in Guangzhou can be more pleasant. If you have no idea on the charging fee of public transit in Guangzhou, find detailed information about Guangzhou city transport from here.

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