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A Miracle in Wenchuan 7.8 Richter scale Earthquake

Published by  chinatravel at 2008/5/20;

Suffering from the killer 7.8 Richter scale earthquake and thousands of aftershocks, the famous tourism attraction-Qiang Village in the epicenter Wenchuan still stands firm and erect. None of the houses in the village collapsed entirely. More important, none of the 500 villagers or 20 tourists was dead or even injured. What a miracle it is!

When the reporter reached the Qiang Village at 7am May the 18th, he surprisingly discovered that only some of the houses there had partially collapsed and the landmark of the village-three Ancient Forts remain in good condition with only their spires partially cracking. Seen as a whole, the village survived the deadly earthquake basically intact.

A woman villager told the reporter that her 90 years old grandma who survived the Diexi Earthquake 1933 said that luckily we and our houses survived this terrible earthquake which was more powerful than the one in 1933. Many villagers said how great our ancestors are! They invented such a unique way to build houses without reinforced and concrete which make our houses have extraordinary ability to withstand earthquake. That’s true! Why the houses built in ancient method are stronger than the modern buildings in the earthquake. This is really a question worthy of meditation.

After the earthquake, the villagers of the Qiang Village immediately organized spontaneously to transport their food to Wenchuan County, and provided water and food for the rescuers by the road.

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