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Sichuan Earthquake Caused Damage to Tourist Attractions in the Region

Published by  chinatravel at 2008/5/21;

The deadly earthquake hitting Sichuan province in May 12 and the thousands of aftershocks damaged the region’s tourist attractions to different extent. According to preliminary estimates, the tourist sights in Beichuan region and Dujiangyan Tourist Region such as the Qingcheng Mountain Tourist Zone and Ewang Temple were badly damaged and the economic loss expects to reach 12 hundred million. Fortunately, the Dujiangyan Irrigationg Project was only slightly affected and still can function normally.


Ape King Cave Natural Scenic Area, Thousand Buddha Mountain and Douhui Mountain: Badly Affected


Ape King Cave Natural Scenic Area, Thousand Buddha Mountain and Douhui Mountain in the seismic belt region are the most seriously damaged attractions. The powerful earthquake has paralyzed local transportation network and destroyed the tourist facilities.


Qingcheng Mountain , Erwang Temple and Fuhu Monastery (in Dujiangyan Tourist Region): Badly Affected


According to a preliminary investigation, the main attractions in both Qingcheng Mountain and Dujiangyan Tourist Zone Erwang Temple and Fuhu Monastery were badly affected.

The main gate of the Erwang Temple (in Dujiangyan Scenic Area) has been broken leaving debris everywhere. Many halls with red bricks and green tiles in the temple have collapsed entirely. The tranquility and beauty of the temple has gone and the Qinyan Pavilion, once the perfect place to get a bird’s eye view of Dujiangyan Irrigation Project, was completely destroyed left only a few broken walls.

The initial renovation project is under preparation.


Sanxingdui Museum: Slightly Affected


Fortunately, the buildings of the Sanxingdui Museum were only slightly affected and the cultural relics remain intact. The museum has been closed for examination and reparation from May 16th. Besides, the infrastructures in Siguniang Mountain in Jiuzhaigou and Lailuogou Valley were destroyed but no details of the degree of damage were given. The main attractions there are in good condition.


Mountain Emei and Leshan Giant Buddha: Not Affected


Mountain Emei and Leshan Giant Buddha are free from any impact of the deadly earthquake because they are located far away from the epicenter. Currently, the facilities in Mountain Emei including cable car, hotels, transport and other facilities all function normally. Roads between the mountain and Chengdu, Chongqing are normal.

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