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China Public Holidays 2011 Announced

Published by  shyoto at 2010/12/11;

The State Council of China has recently announced the arrangements for China public holidays in 2011. Many China public holidays are based on the lunar calendar, and the dates jump around during different years on the Gregorian calendar. The following table may help you learn the exact days for the China public holidays 2011 and there are totally 29 non-working days.

As usual, most of the holidays are in a three-day period except two seven-day holidays, which are Chinese New Year and National Holiday.

Public Holidays Dates Duration Note
2011 New Year's Day Jan. 1 - Jan. 3 3 days
The same with western countries.
Chinese New Year Feb. 2 - Feb. 8 7 days
It is usually called "Spring Festival" by Chinese people. Chinese New Year is the most important festival in China.
Qingming Festival April 3 - April 5 3 days
It is the festival to commemorate the dead.
Labor Day Apr.30 - May 2 3 days
The same with western countries.
Dragon Boat Festival June 4 - June 6 3 days
It is a traditional festival for dragon boat racing and eating rice-dumplings(zong zi).
Mid-autumn Festival Sep. 10 - Sep. 12 3 days
A traditional festival for people to get together with their families, appreciating the full moon and eating delicious mooncakes.
National Holiday Oct. 1 - Oct. 7 7 days
The cerebration on the founding of new P.R. China.

Expected Dates for China Public Holidays 2012

The following dates for China public holidays 2012 are only for your reference, the exact dates will be reconfirmed by the State Council of China during the end of 2011.

Public Holidays Dates Duration
2012 New Year's Day Jan. 1 - Jan. 3 3 days
Chinese New Year Jan. 22 - Jan. 28 7 days
Qingming Festival April 4 - April 6 3 days
Labor Day Apr.30 - May 2 3 days
Dragon Boat Festival June 22 - June 24 3 days
Mid-autumn Festival Sep. 28 - Sep. 30 3 days
National Holiday Oct. 1 - Oct. 7 7 days

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