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The 29th Luoyang Peony Cultural Festival to Open

Published by  joyce at 2011/2/16;

The 29th Luoyang peony cultural festival is to be held from April 1st to May 10th in Luoyang this year. Though it has been successfully held 28 sessions since the year 2010, the 29th Luoyang peony cultural festival is the first national peony cultural festival hosted by both the Ministry of Culture and the Government of Henan Province. 

Luoyang Peony, as a symbol of nobility and elegance, is celebrated as “the King of the Flower Kingdom” and “the best flower under heaven” for its various varieties and numerous bright colors. As it’s said that the peonies of Luoyang are best all over the world, the air of the whole Luoyang City is filled with rich fragrance during the blooming season of peonies in April when hundreds of thousands of tree peonies show their glamour and grace.

Luoyang, as a famous ancient Chinese capital, has been served as the capital for thirteen Chinese dynasties since ancient times. It produces the best peonies of China, enjoying the reputation of “the city of peony” with the long history of more than one thousand years in the cultivation of peony trees. Every year, numerous visitors at home and abroad travel to Luoyang to gladden their heart and please their eyes in an ocean of blooming peony flowers during its annual peony cultural festival. Besides, during that period, a number of cultural exhibitions and trade fairs are also held there.

The main scenic spots for viewing Luoyang peonies

Wangcheng Park: Wangcheng Park, located in the Zhongzhou Road with the whole area of about 1,080 mu, is the biggest comprehensive park in Luoyang. Every year at the period of flower blossom, the whole garden is decorated with magic colors, beautiful peonies and numerous dancing butterflies and bees. Tourists can take No.9, 11, 15, 19, 40, 50, 59, 101, 102 and 103 buses to get there.

The National Peony Garden: The National Peony Garden is engaged in collecting and breeding various kinds of peonies with the whole cultivation area of 46.667 hectares and more than 800,000 tree peonies. There are totally nine different colors, including black, red, blue, green, purple, yellow, white, and assorted colors with the highest ornamental value. Visitors can get there by Bus No. 51 at the railway station.

Shenzhou Peony Garden: Shenzhou Peony Garden covers an area of over 40 hectares and is 5 kilometers far away from Luoyang city. This garden features with its architectural style of glorious Tang Dynasty, best landscape, enormous scale and majestic field. The peony garden is famous for its five scenic areas, such as Peony Culture Area and Choicest Peony Viewing Area. Choicest Peony Viewing Area holds 847 kinds of peony in China and 174 exotic peonies from other countries. Tourists can take No.56 Tourism Express to get there.

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