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Airline from Chongqing to Hanoi to Open

Published by  korla at 2011/2/27;

The international airline directly from Chongqing to Hanoi (the capital of Vietnam) will be opened since March 6, 2011, aiming to promoting the communication on tourism, culture and economy between Vietnam and China. Hence the voyage from China to Vietnam can be shorten to 2 hours.

When the airline is opened, there will be two scheduled flights each week, departing from Chongqing to Hanoi, at 19:00 each Thursday and Sunday. The return flight to Chongqing will depart at 21:50 (20:50 in Vietnam). According to Sichuan Airline, the ticket prices are 5,790 yuan for per single business class ticket and 10,240 for per round-trip business class ticket; 4,360 yuan for per single tourist ticket and 7,730 yuan for per round-trip tourist ticket. The passenger capacity of each flight is 160 persons. The opening of this airline will definitely bring a great environment to travelers intending to travel to Vietnam.

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