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China Tourism Unaffected by Yunnan and Japan Earthquake

Published by  jenifer f at 2011/3/17;

On March 17th, according to the latest authoritative report of China Meteorological Administration and China's environmental protection department, China is not affected by the severe Japan earthquake and doesn’t suffer from the detriment of the leak of radioactive substances in Japan. Besides, Yunnan tourism is not affected by the recent Yingjiang earthquake for the quake area is far away from the tourist cities.

On March 11th last week, the 9.1-magnitude earthquake struck Japan, which is the heaviest earthquake in the history of measuring and recording earthquakes, causing severe tsunami and the release of radioactive substance into the atmosphere simultaneously. However, China is not affected for the nuclear pollution discharge has subsided in the east of Fukushima nuclear power plants of Japan. Besides, the radioactive substance has moved to North Pacific Ocean due to the northwest wind of Japan in the following days. What’s more, Fukushima nuclear power plants of Japan are very far away from China and the following favorable rainfall has greatly diluted the radioactive substance.

Besides, on March 10th, Yingjiang County of Yunnan Province in China suffered 5.8-magnitude earthquake. The tourism of Yunnan is not affected by it. Yingjiang County is located over 600 kilometers away from Kunming, about 400 kilometers away from Lijiang and Dali City of Yunnan Province. And even the nearest tourist city, Tengchong, is more than 80 kilometers away from Yingjiang. Tourists to Yunnan mainly travel to Kunming, Dali and Lijiang. Yingjiang is not the tourist area and few tourists visit there. Thus, traveling to Yunnan is available if only you keeping away from the quake area. Moreover, it’s suggested that purchasing travel insurance before the travel is available to ensure the safety of traveling.

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