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Dragon Boat Festival to Come on June 6th

Published by  joyce at 2011/5/22;

The Dragon Boat Festival, called Duanwu Festival in Chinese, is a traditional Chinese festival boasting rich Chinese characteristics. It was ranked into the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage items in 2006. Dragon Boat Festival usually falls on the 5th day of the 5th month according to the Chinese lunar calendar. In 2011, it falls on June 6th. In celebration of the festival, Chinese people will have a three-day statutory holiday, including June 4(Saturday), June 5(Sunday) and June 6(Monday).  .

During the festival, there are various customary activities, including eating rice dumplings, dragon boat racing, wearing incense bags and inserting the acorus and artemisia on the doors or windows. Among those activities, dragon boat racing is ranked as the most popular one, which used to be held in order to scare the fish away and protect the body of Qu Yuan (a famous Chinese patriotic poet). Nowadays, dragon boat racing has become an international activity that is popular all over the world.

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