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West Lake Cultural Landscape in China Inscribed on World Heritage List

Published by  joyce at 2011/6/26;

According to the news from the 35th World Heritage Convention held in Paris, West Lake Cultural Landscape of Hangzhou in China is officially added to the World Cultural Heritage List, which is the 29th world cultural landscape heritage site of China. Before then, China’s Mt. Lu and Mt. Wutai have been in the world cultural landscape heritage list. Up to now, China has 41 World Heritage Sites, including 29 World Cultural Heritage Sites, 8 World Natural Heritage Sites and 4 World Natural and Cultural Heritage Sites.

West Lake Cultural Landscape, with an area of 43.3 square kilometers, originated from the 9th century, taking shape in the 13th century and flourishing in the 18th century, boasts beautiful natural landscape and important cultural remains with rich historic and cultural content. In the application document, West Lake Scenic Area is defined as a famous cultural lake with the longest history and the greatest influence in China, which is a paradise yearned for by people from all walks of life in China and had extensive impacts on the culture of East Asia from the 9th to 18th century.

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