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US Vice President Tasting Beijing Snacks in local snack bar

Published by  fadri at 2011/8/25;

US Vice-President Joe Biden has just finished his visit to China from August 17th to 22nd. During his visit, Joe Biden tasted traditional Beijing specialties for lunch in a local snack-bar with his granddaughter and entourages.

On the second day after the arrival of Beijing, Joe Biden, together with his entourages and granddaughter, went to visit the characteristic Beijing snack-bars at the side of the drum tower, enjoying the authentic Beijing cuisines. They had lunch in Yao’s Fried Liver Restaurant, and were seated in the main hall instead of private rooms. They ordered five bowls of Beijing noodles with soybean paste, 10 steamed stuffed buns, Chinese yam in hot toffee, mixed cold shredded potatoes, fresh cucumber with bean sauce and two bottles of Coca-Cola, costing 79 yuan (12.37USD) for the whole meal.

It was said that they had eaten up all the noodles, and characteristic Beijing gourmet impressed them a lot. After that, an increasing number of Chinese people went there to enjoy "the vice-president's 79 Yuan set meal".

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