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China National Day Travel Rush from October 1st to 7th

Published by  fadri at 2011/9/27;

China’s National Day falls on October 1st annually, when Chinese people will enjoy seven days off from October 1st to 7th in celebration of this grand festival.

During this relatively long holiday, a large number of Chinese people will prefer to spend their holiday traveling to China’s famous cities, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Xi’an, Guangzhou and Guilin, and visit major tourist destinations, causing great travel rush. It will be very difficult to get train tickets or book a hotel especially in major cities. Due to the heavy traffic and comparatively high accommodation fee, traveling to China during China’s national day holiday is relatively inconvenient, especially in those big cities and top tourist attractions. Therefore, we suggest that foreign tourists had better avoid those popular cities or choose those that are not so crowded. Besides, it’s necessary for tourists to book tickets and hotels several days in advance before traveling.

During China’s national day period, members of China Travel will also have 7 days off. Thus, we are sorry that we may not reply your emails or answer your questions immediately. We are terribly for this inconvenience. However, Customers’ booking on hotels, flights and tours will be handled by travel advisors on duty from China Highlights. Thus, customers can make a reservation as usual. 

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