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2012 China Baise Leye Outdoor Quest to kick off

Published by  jenifer f at 2012/4/9;

According to China’s Mountaineers Club, 2012 China Baise Leye Outdoor Quest, which is approved by General Administration of Sport of China, is to be held from April 25th to 28th in Leye County of Baise City in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, when over 20 topflight teams from all over the world will come to participate, including Sweden, Britain, the United States, Russia, New Zealand, Finland, Australia, Germany, France and Singapore.

The outdoor squest this year consists of a variety of challenging individual sports, such as cross-country race, mountain bike, running and riding alternately, going boating, rock climbing championship and floating. In order to increase the difficulty of the events, there is unfrequented and bumpy mountain road for cycling racers. It’s stimulating to think that those competitors will ride bicycles on the narrow meandering footpath where is even much too difficult for walking.

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