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395 Museums Built in China During 2011

Published by  wendysong at 2012/5/15;

395 IT IS THE NUMBER OF MUSEUMS BUILT IN CHINA DURING 2011, stated Chen Jianming, vice-president of the Chinese Society of Museums, in an interview granted to the New York Times.

Most of them are dedicated to the History. In the coming years, other inaugurations are scheduled, particularly in artistic domains.

In October, 2012 should thus open in Shanghai an important museum of contemporary art. Endowed with a surface of more than 200 000 square meters, Art Palace (it is its name) will become one of the biggest institutions of the world.

In Beijing, the National Art Museum of China instigated an international competition of architecture for the opening of a new space of 130 000 square meters, located next to the Olympic Stadium, "The Bird's Nest" built on the occasion of the world cup 2008. The three finalists are Frank Gehry, Zaha Hadid and Jean Nouvel. The prize-winner will be known only in several months, but the casting reveals the will to register China in the most innovative museum realizations.

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