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Say Love to Your Honey on Qixi Festival

Published by  fabiowzgogo at 2012/8/21;

You may have known, or you may not have known. Tomorrow (August, 23rd) is Qixi Festival, also called Chinese Valentine’s Day.

Chinese almost never celebrated the festival before western Valentine’s Day became popular in China. After celebrating western Valentine’s Day for many years, Chinese found they have their own festival about love, so they began to celebrate both.

The Qixi Festival originated from a very beautiful love story, which is even more popular than the festival itself.

Chinese people do not have special way to celebrate the festival, but in recent years, lots of men choose to make a proposal on Qixi Festival. More and more foreigners, who like Chinese culture, also do that. Why not try it yourself?

We recommend three Qixi presents for you.

Music Box
Music is one of the most beautiful things to express love in the world. Your romance can be as beautiful as music.

Chinese people think a scarf can make you and your lover stay together forever! If the Scarf is weaved by your own hands, the sense of romance will be much stronger.

It is usual to give your lover Chocolate as a present. For Qixi Festival, you can write Chinese Pinyin on the Chocolate, such as WO AI NI, means I love you.

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