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2014 Luoyang Peony Cultural Festival Kick Off When April Begins

Published by  wendysong at 2014/3/24;

With the weather getting warmer, Luoyang peony flowers are starting to blossom and embrace their own festival. The 2014 Luoyang Peony Cultural Festival will kick off on April 1 and ends on May 10 in Luoyang City, which is the 32th session of this festival.

Peony flowers are Chinese national flowers and also make Luoyang City well known to the world. Each spring from April to May is the peony festival when the flowers are at their best since 1983. This year the opening ceremony will be held in Luoyang Theater on April 10 for about 80 minutes with the theme of Flowers Blossom in China. Some of the performances will even continue to be put on in some communities after the ceremony.

In Luoyang, the most famous places to view peony flowers are Wangcheng Park, China National Flower Garden, International Peony Garden and Mudan Park. This year each place has its own highlights.

In Wangcheng Park (王城公园), besides more than 130,000 peony flowers, visitors can view over 80,000 tulips at the same time. China National Flower Garden (中国国花园) at the time will hold Hanfu Show (traditional Chinese costumes) during the festival. In Peony Park (牡丹公园) the colored lanterns show make the flowers viewing in the evening possible.

For foreign travelers taking Kungfu Tours during the festival in Luoyang or Dengfu City, it is wise of them to add peony flowers cultural festival to their trip plan.

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