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Giant Pandas Die of Canine Distemper in North China

Published by  elysees at 2015/1/8;

2 Giant Pandas die of Canine Distemper and 2 pandas have been infected with it in Shanxi province of north China.

Giant Panda

Yesterday, the Shanxi Rare Wild Animal Rescue and Research Center confirmed that 8 years old Chengcheng died on December 9, 8 years old Dabao died on January 4 and Fengfeng, in bad health condition and Zhuzhu, under stable condition have been infected. Four other suspected cases were also detected recently.

Chengcheng was the first case found ill on December 6 and died after only 3 days. The center has closed to public and treated sick and suspected pandas to prevent more pandas infected. Healthy pandas have transported from the center to other natural conservation areas.
Canine Distemper was originally found in dogs and can infect a lot of kinds of animals, including Canine, feline, ursidae  and so on. It is highly contagious. The death rate of infected Canine Distemper reaches above 80%.

Temporary suspension of contact with Giant panda

Many panda bases in China, like Bifengxia Giant Panda Base, China Giant Panda Protection and Research Center, and Chenddu Giant Panda Breeding and Research Base have suspended programs allowing visitors to closely contact with pandas.

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