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2015 Tulip Expo Starts in Guilin Zizhou Park

Published by  vincentg1991 at 2015/2/2;

The 5th Tulip Expo has been started in 1st, Feb, 2015 in Guilin Zizhou Park. There are 100 thousand basins of tulip on display. In the past, the tulip expo would be shown around the Spring Festival, but because of the warm weather, the tulips are blooming earlier. Since the year Guilin Zizhou Park built, the tulip expo has been held for 4 times and it has been no doubt the highlight of Guilin Zizhou Park.

Tulip Expo in Guilin Zizhou Park

Colorful Tulip Sea

100 thousand basins of tulip are elaborately arranged in different shapes according to the color in 1st, Feb. A part of tulips are blooming in advance because of the warm weather. The greatest highlight is the black and white tulips used to be the fantastic finale is being the first batch of flowers to welcome the visitors. Some tulips cultivated later than the first batch will be shown as the second and third batch in the middle and later periods of the expo.

In addition to the tulips professionally cultivated by the botanical garden department, there are more than 200 basins of tulips cultivated by the citizens who take part in the activity to adopt the tulips. These adopted tulips would be developed for two months by the citizens and put on show together with the 100 thousand basins of tulip in Guilin Zizhou Park.

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