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China Travel linked by BBC

Published by  elysees at 2015/6/18;

On 17 June, 2015, BBC introduced the world highest and longest glass bottom bridge at Zhangjiajie and linked to a Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon article from China Travel.

Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon - a wonderland

Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon, a top Zhangjiajie scenic spot, is close to Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan Scenic Area. There are a lot of picturesque spots in the Grand Canyon, like the newly created world longest glass bottom bridge.

Zhangjiajie Glass-bottom Bridge 

Zhangjiajie Glass-bottom Bridge is another jaw-dropping achievement in China. It will open in October, 2015 and is set to be the world’s longest and highest glass bottom bridge, extending 430 meters (1,410 feet) in length and 6 meters (20 feet) in width.

Spanning two cliffs in Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon, it will hover over a 300-meter (984-foot) vertical drop. The bridge will also feature the highest bungee jump in the world.

It will be able to support up to 800 people at once. It will not only serve as an observatory, but also as a skywalk for events like fashion shows.   


A Chinese saying goes, “to see mountains, go to Zhangjiajie.” The city of Zhangjiajie was created because of tourism. A mountain peak in Zhangjiajie named the “South Pillar of Heaven” provided inspiration for James Cameron’s film -- Avatar. In the film, the mountain is called Hallelujah Mountain.

Zhangjiajie by Zhou Mingfa

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