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Sun Bathing for the Buddha Tanga

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Sun Bathing for Buddha Tanga is held at  "Jet Pong Temple"  in Tibet on 20 /Auguster , 2009

12 / August - 2 September  / 2009 Eager to start my trip from Shenzhen to Xining then by train to Tibet - from Xining to Tibet took me 26 hours - and have bought the train ticket in Xining

First of all - lets tell somehting about Xining which is the transit point for people to Tibet from all places of China if by Train to Tibet especially when the "Tsing Zhong Railway " is open on 2006  - 

There was many people gathering in the Train Station for any destination - but Xining Train Station gave me the good impression for the people qeued there in order - and the security police took their action once any one not in order - highly recommand people in Xining and they are  well educated -  love people there and tell myself that will come to Xining again  for the people and place   - Luckily - bought the train ticket to Tibet on day and can have enough time to attend the " Big Buddha Sun Bathing " Event  -

Impression of Xining is clean and in order - safety walking at night time for arrived there at night time - have returned there and tour around on 2010 again - there is " Tort Ert Temple " ; famous " Tsing Hoi Lake " ; " Yat Yuet Shan " , " Tsing Chun Temple " for Mulsium and lovely City tour in Xining  - have chance to explore the Tsing Hoi Museum in Xining as well

Come back to Tibet in 2009 / August / 20 - early morning about 3:30 am needed to wake up to take taxi to " Jiee Pong Temple " for the event which started on 8:00 am - arrive there it is about 5:00 pm and there were many traveller both from local and every parts of Tibet for greeting The Buddha

On the way to the place held the event - luckily took the mini van to the hill-slop for the Tanga is hanged - save the energy for climbing higher to the good point for viewing  the event started on 8:00 am - it took more than half hours to the place - the cool air and temperature there was about below 10 degree even it was Summer time - but every one is in the same direction and will with non stop rush o the destination for good view of  The Buddha Tanga

Arrived there and the time is 7:00 am - still many people came from all direction of hill-slop - Time passed fast even still 1 hour to go for the event - and the will is full of eager with hope - looked around while waiting - saw that more than 50 or more Lama carried the big Buddha Tanga to the place for open it - before that they have the ceremony 

At 8:00 am on 20 August 2009 - the Big Buddha is be viewed - heart is full of happiness and joy - cannot say any word to that moment  - the whole scenery is flashed by the light of Camera

About 9:00 am that day - many people were ready to leave - but I like to stay longer and have met one guy from Beijing - this guy is known that his name is Yu Chuen whom have cycled from Beijing then Shechurn to Tibet - it took him there for 3 months time - admire his brave and tough -  have told him I would last point  was going to Beijing - and he left Tibet early than me - It was so crowd that we miss in the hill-slop  - once I came back to my hostel - noticed that Yu Chuen had phoned to me and left down his Beijing phone number to me as he knew I would come to Beijing later

This time is meaningful for my trip to Tibet is that - I spent my 50's Birhday in Tibet - half century of my life in South and now my heart is in the West part of China and like the feeling of it - will go to Tibet again by Road - feel the scenery along

Once arrived Beijing on September in 2009 - eager to Hong Kong and have booked the returned ticket ane would leave next day - in the same time - have phoned to the guy met in Tibet - whom have come and toured me to " 798 "  , " Water Cube " and " Bird Nest " and brought me to the local food stall for meal  - like the feeling to look around

Tour around and love the place - loving the people is the first then love the place - this is my experiment for travel around - hope every one can find a place you love that mean you find someone be loved or like ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~metta for all happening ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~