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My travel experiences in china

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 I have been travelling in China from  along time . My first visit was in 1990 when I visited Beijing to particiapte in World Mining conference . The opening session was held in the great Hall of peples and it was followed by a banquet wherein all the major members of the politburo participated . It was my firsy experience of the chinese state banquet and I was simply overwhelmed by the long  range of courses washed down bu ggod liquors . After the Conference I visited all the major tourist spots like Great wall , Temple of Heaven , Summer palalce and forbidden city . Then I travelled by a small aircraft from Beijing to Wuhan  and stayed in the only one good quality hotel . From there i travelled to Guangzhou again in a small aircraft . From Guanzhou I travelled to Hongkong by train . Comapred to the chinese cities Hongkong looked quite modern and well developed .
My second phase of China visits started in 2005 and I vist China every year . The change I have seen is phenomenal especially as an Indian I have seen that while in India we progressed quite slowly , china has progressed exponentially . Not only is the change only in the cities , the development has percolated into the villages also which are quite neat and clean . Even more than that what impressed is the lack of pollution whci normally accompanies industrialisation of this scale . The air and water in china are relatively pure . The law and order are very good and chinese cities are one of the few cities where one can walk in late nights without getting mugged . This is true of even remote places and I can personally vouch for this because i have travelled at late nights to my place of business and never was I accosted
What impresses ann outside person is the abundance of women in all walks of life and the total lack of sexual harassment . Similarly the absence of hiearchial controls and the equality between the top boss and the lowest worker is very impressive . Every year i visit i see frentic construcyion going on and the next year I see a new land mark .
Shanghai is the city which was China `s link to the west and immortalised in the film Shanghai . If you see the change from then to the current  you see an miralculous transformation from a  dirty town to a glittering metropolis . To an outsider there are many facets of the modernity but the Mag lev train from the airport to the city amazes even a person from the developed world as it is the only running mag Lev train in the world  . The other land mark  the Jin mao Tower even though it amy not be the tallest in the world , the views it commands from th observation tower are fanatastic . The new land mark the fortune tower is astounding . it shoots into the sky like a silver bullet of chrome and glass . The ride to the 104 stories high tower top  is marvel of technology . The ride to the top takes only a few minutes and is very smmoth . The view from the Fortune tower is eqully astounding . Ouside the tower at the entrance of the tower a big sculptre of a magnet has been ostensibly the magnet serves as a magnet to foreign investment .Needless to say the magnet works well as China attracts billions from all over the world .

Nanging Street is  a mixture of the old and new and retains quite a lot of the old charm . Quite a lot of the old landmarks are preserved well and travelling on the Bund and the Nanjing street evokes alot of nostalgia . Thus The experiences of travel in China re memorable .