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Expedition to Huangshan and Surrounds

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I marvelled at the travel photos of Huangshan in the internet and wondering why no one has told me about this enchanting place in China. There's so much talk about Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou, Hangzhou, Guilin, and many other popular cities, but none of my friends, relatives or colleagues mention about Huangshan.

While planning a trip to Shanghai, I accidentally chanced upon a travel photo of Huangshan, which intrigued me to plough the internet for more information. I looked through many travel sights in the internet, viewed the breath taking photos of Huangshan which made me decided to take a side trip to Huangshan from Shanghai. I was also lucky to find out that teo interesting villages, Hongcun and Xidi were also within the proximity of Huangshan.

In my research, I discovered the best way to reach Huangshan is via a three hour bus from Hangzhou. Initially I wanted to take train from Shanghai or Suzhou, but was not prepared to spend ten over hours on the train.

To make my travel more interesting, I decided to venture on my own, instead of getting a guided tour who planned everything from hotels, transport, meals and entrance tickets.

I am looking forward to my destination in Huangshan, whether I can survive the three hours or eight hours of hiking to the summit of Huangshan, staying overnight at the summit to view the famous morning sunrise. I am in full anticipation of climbing the eastern steps and descending via the western steps and conquering the various summits!

Sorry that I could not upload any photos as my trip will only commerce next week!