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I went to China last year, the first of august 2010. It was really hot, I have never thought the weather in China will be so hot as it is. I spent the whole week in Beijing, I think it is an amazing city with a lots of things to do. I slept in the city center, near the main attractions of the city. The transportation by tube is realle good, I recommend it. If you really want to spend a goot time in China, try to stay at less one week in this city, it is an experience you will never forget. The only problem I found is the language, because thera are a lot of chinese people that dont speak english, so its quite difficult to move in the city.  

The subway offers the chance to see Beijing by train. You can go underground by the Forbidden City and pop up outside the Summer Palace several miles away. This is an amazing chance to see the city without being stuck in traffic. True, the subways can be crowded but that is usually reserved for rush hour, which ranges from 7-10am and 4:30-7pm

!!! There are many interesting places to go to. We travelled to Tian’An Men square, Mao’s mausoleum, the forbidden city and summer palace and of course the great wall!!! We also visited a pot-decorating place, which you wouldn't usually go to if you weren’t with a guide, it was actually quite interesting. The great wall was a great experience, the views were great and I got many interesting souvenirs. Tian an men square and the Forbidden City were great and very interesting. We saw the famous Mao, in the flesh!!! And the summer palace was very big and beautiful. Our group bought many souvenirs and fake goods while we were there from the friendship store and silk ally, and we also visited the British embassy and used their pool and tenniscourts!!! The only complaints I have were there was quite a lot of pollution and rubbish driving but it rivals my visits to Switzerland and Paris!!! I defiantly recommend this as a visit it was amazing and an experience and a chance to see one of the wonders of the world!!! 

If you decide to go outside Beijing, there are several train stations to whisk you around the country. You can even jump on one leg of the trans-Siberian railway from Beijing and reach Moscow in a number of days. You can head south and even cross right into Vietnam by train, and for shorter journeys, the Beijing-Shanghai rail is an ever-popular and affordable way to travel.

The trains in China are not like Western trains, or like Indian trains for that matter. They are extremely clean, modern and even quieter than you’d imagine. You get a nice soft seat, or even a bed if you are taking a night train. The beds are a decent way to have both accommodation for the night while achieving travel distance. Food is served on board in the restaurant as well as in carts that roam the carriages selling rice, veggies and meat dishes. You can easily survive for days, if not weeks, on a Chinese train