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My Exciting Travel to China

Last updated by smukherjee at 2011/10/28; Destinations:

I started my journey to Lanzhou, China from New Delhi, India to Sanghai and finally to Lanzhou. Before my ravel I had some notions that I may be going to a country with the people there very serious and not friendly and I may be in deep trouble for not knowing the language. To my surprise I was absolutely wrong. The people here with whomsoever I met  are very friendly, cooperative and helping. I was received by a friendly Chinese boy at the airport with a car. He helped me in all the matters and took me to my flat already booked by the hosts. Then they gave me food and asked me what else I require. They take care of me everyday. I will now plan a visit to Bejing and Xian cities. I will surely have a wonderful time in China during my short visit in this beautiful country.