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Shaolin kung fu temple how to get there and what to do!

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In january i will be making my first trip to China. a couple of days will be spent in hong kong and then i will travel to beijing and dengdeng,     why dengfeng you ask? dengfeng hosts the ancient shaolin temple built in  the 5th century.

for martial arts lovers this is not something to miss. to view the beatiful temple and the monks practicing will be an dream come true! not only can these monks peform unbelievable techniques but their lifestyle is facinating to the eye!

getting to dengfeng is not so hard. you take a train from bejing to Zhengzhou which takes about 6 hours then you take the bus to dengfeng city which takes about another 2 hours. when you get to dengfeng take a shuttle buss to the shaolin temple(15 mins) ive been informed by my friend in china that getting to the shaolin temple in the early morning is much better as you get to catch the monks peforming and see the best of the temple!