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a woundring for visa polecy distarbance

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The first time i came to china it was in 1997 to hongkong.befor coming i requested for visa from china embassy but said no need for visa.my serprice when arrived in the airport they ask for visa ,and i was among many others from tiland ,bangladish,and other nations.they took us to a place like a class room,we setted in a raw and they start asking one by one from the passprt they holding.thier questions were like why we come where going to stay what we do for living.it was about 15 to 20 minutes for indivitual to be asked.and lately we find our way to leave the airport to the city.

eventhough after all this with the permeted stamped visa on the passport,they repeated the same issue when i visited maccauo and intered again .

i was wondering about this policy and thanks god it did not happend when i visited beijin and shangahai latly.

it was wonderfull when i visited hongkong and see the cojested very high building ,it is like concreat forest laying behind the maountens .

and when you walk arround streets you see the traditional herbal medicen shops that a very special chinese ,with defferant shapes of plants ,roots,flawers,and deried animals.also if you stand there ,alot of smells you can smell.

i think china is a great country many thouthand year way back in the hestory.they must be developing grat culture for the man kind.