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The Beautiful China

Last updated by shintasantoso at 2011/11/21; Destinations:

In 2002 I went to Hongkong-Shenzen-Guangzhou overland for the first time. So excited with this country because so many beautiful and exotic places! I went with my friends totally 4 person. At first I visited Hongkong, I thought Hongkong is a busy city with the various language lol. So many modern places here like the malls, hotels, restourants etc. And on sunday you can see Indonesian people here, they gathered at the place but unfortunately I forget the place's name, most of all work here as the maid. From Hongkong I went to Shenzen by train, it was very easy to buy the ticket. It takes time about 1 hour depart nto Shenzen. In Shenzen we go around by taxi, we visited Windows of the World, Splendid China (there is a spectacular show here, indoor show and outdoor show), Chinese Folk Culture Village, and Lowu market. From Shenzen we went to Guangzhou, here we visited Memorial Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall, Western Han Nanyue King Tomb Museum, Temple of Six Banyan Trees, Statue of the Five Goats, White Cloud Mountain and Beijing Road Market! On December 2011 I'll travel back to China (Shenzen-Guangzhou-Guilin-Panyu-Zhuhai) cause I really love this country very much !!