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A visit to Shanghai is both a cultural experience and eyeopener

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It was my first visit to China and Shanghai in 2008.  It was more a quick business trip to meet my colleagues from our Chinese operations. From the time of landing in Shanghai, was amazed by the development of the airport, the freeways and the orderly fashion in which everything wa conducted

I stayed at the Shanxi Business hotel; the staff were feindly and courteous. Next day went to Kunshan province and very impressed by the state of the art business facilities there. Two days of business and the food was excellent too, thanks to the help from my Chinese hosts.

Business over, I spend the evenings at the Bund and Nanjing Road. Walking down Nanjing Road was an eye opener. The latest fashion labels were on show and to add to that the number of people opening expressly their fashion tastes was something which amazed me and my colleagues . There were the hawkers who would try to sell you the fake watches. My friend bought one, looks and works like a real one even after 2 years... I wanted to go back to China on holiday and this year am going back to Shanghai and Beijing . Just holiday , no business. Hope to write a more interesting story after my return