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Yangshuo's scenery, Guilin's sighseeing

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1 - 6 Nov 2009, i have break my own record, by become a backpackers traveller. no research, no booking, just follow a friend of mine to visit China. eventhough we do not know how to speak chinese and themselves not really good in English, there is no issue at all. everything run smoothly. their local bus also very effective and easily to get..there are a lots of hotel in Yangshuo & Guilin within a walking distance. to get a good rate you can bargain until both side agreed with the rate. End up the amazing Yangshuo's scenery really worth it. we have spend 2 nights in Yangshuo and stay at Ai Yuan Hotel (4 *) that just opposite the West Street Pedestrian. the place very happening with all the shops thats sell many stuffs. we enjoying ourselves by renting a half day bicycle with a tour guide to have a country side cycling to Moon Hill, Ban Yan Tree & Butterfly cave. eventhought the weather a bit cold, 3hrs cycling for about 15km really enjoying.

then, we back to Guilin and stay 3 nights at Guilin Hotel (opposite railway station, last time known as DaDi hotel). it just a short day that we have. but we manage to visit Anxient mosque, Seven Star Park, Elephant Trunk, take a picture from Li River, Four Lakes tour (Mu Long Hu), Zhongshan road night market, Reed Flute Cave and Pedestrian street..all those places easily access by a local bus. with 2Yuan you can go anywhere. there also a tourist bus (free), but the timing is about 1 - 2 hours. so, no harm to take local bus and just pay a little bit.

overall, the scenery is so beautiful, the people also very helpful and try to help and give any information needed. well, might be coming again to Guilin and Yangshuo...