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Our China adventure - Arriving in China

Last updated by bruceandtrish2 at 2011/11/27; Destinations:

We flew out of Perth bound for China in June. So much to organise and yay, we’re away!


We flew from Perth to Bangkok and from Bangkok to Kunming and stayed with our friends Rob and Janice for 3 days. They took wonderful care of us and helped introduce us to life in China. We are looking forward to seeing them again when they move to Wenshan in early August.


We all got nasty food poisoning in the first week, all four of us pooping and puking in a world of pain. After that I was paranoid about our food, and started preparing everything at home. We’re getting used to the local food and none of us have been sick since the first week.


We went to a temple in Kunming. Serena fell in a toilet hole and needed to be disinfected.


We went to Walmart in Kunming and saw an aquarium of live frogs for sale.


We had our first experience of Chinese meat and vege markets in Kunming, and were freaked out by all the weird meat and smells.


I had a street side massage from a blind masseur.


We went to a restaurant on the top floor of a tall building and looked out over all of Kunming.


At the big park in Kunming we saw thousands of people doing dancing, exercises, badminton, playing instruments and all sorts of other group activities. There are big groups of people out every night and morning in all the parks in Wenshan as well, doing activities together.


We flew from Kunming to Wenshan. Wenshan town is in far southern China and is not very big, it's an ellipse shape running along the valley between two picturesque mountain ridges. It's only about 3km wide and 8km long. It has around half a million people and is busy and bustling with lots of shops, and is clean aired and open, with wide tree and garden lined avenues running all through town.


In Wenshan we stayed one night in a hotel then moved into our first apartment, we are staying in the Leeches’ home while they are away. In mid August we will move to another apartment in the same building, our own home, where we will stay for the rest of the year. Our apartment complex is roughly in the middle of town, close to the CBD and lots of parks and restaurants.