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Settling into life in Wenshan

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We’ve done lots of market shopping now and are getting used to all the filth and weird smells. We’ve walked through the sections where they keep all the live chickens, ducks and rabbits in cages and fish in big sinks. We’ve even seen dog being cut up but we don’t want to eat it!


We were in a spice shop in the market and I blew chilli powder all over my face and into my eyes. I screamed so loudly the whole market was watching, and Mum had to come and wash it out with water.


We’ve been to lots of Chinese restaurants and eaten all sorts of delicious, and not so delicious, Chinese food. Serena likes to eat the chicken and duck heads and feet.


Our American friends threw a big Fourth of July party. We had yum Chinese BBQ called chaokao and lots of huge, noisy fireworks. One of the fireworks went wrong and flew into all the men but luckily no-one was hurt. Serena was scared of the fireworks and stayed inside.

Every outing is an olfactory adventure. Wenshan is fairly small with clean mountain air but there are still exhaust fumes, open sewers, grotty meat markets, streetside restaurants, florists and many other smells to experience.


We’ve been to the fun park near our house twice already, on the bumper cars, the haunted cave and lots of other rides. We’ve played in the big indoor play centre there as well.


I met a new Chinese friend who lives in our apartment complex. His name is Xie HouRan and we have played together lots. We especially like to play badminton together in the courtyard. His Mum and Dad gave us lots of delicious plums.


It’s been nice and warm since we arrived in Wenshan. We’ve watched lots of enormous tropical storms and Wenshan, with lightning and thunder cracking really close by, and pouring pouring rain.


We’ve been doing loads of cooking with all the delicious fresh Wenshan produce. We’ve made our own home made pasta, tortillas for tacos, plum jam and syrup, tomato ketchup, peach sorbet, mango sorbet, pancakes, banana bread, apple bread, chocolate cake, chocolate brownies, ANZAC bikkies, scones and much more!


I’m determined to keep the family safe and healthy with no more food poisoning and eating foods they recognise and are comfortable with, so have been cooking a lot of things from scratch using fresh Wenshan produce. I have never spent so much time in the kitchen, and I’m really enjoying it. Wish we had a dishwasher…


We went to a brand new huge indoor play centre in the middle of town and played all afternoon. Somehow we managed to climb inside one of the rides which was full of water and we both were soaking.


We went on a walk through a mountain path up to a Buddhist temple. We went into caves which are carved into the rocks behind the temple, where monks used to live. There were lots of bats in there.