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Life in Wenshan, Yunnan

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People want to take photos of the kids all the time, and stroke their hair. They spend ages posing with us and taking photos. Serena loves it. Griffin mostly gets embarrassed and runs away. People always stop Mum and Dad in the street and say the kids are beautiful.


We had one day at a Chinese school in our apartment building. It is a kindergarten, but we thought it would be a good way to meet new friends and learn some Chinese language. But we just watched TV all day and hardly did any activities, so we didn’t go back there. Mum is finding another nearby school for us to go to.


We have visited the Rehabilitation Centre run by our friends. They are helping children with Cerebral Palsy and autism learn to do things. We play with the toys and children.


We had great Chinese dinner at Pam and the girls’ house and played with our new friend Zoe.


We went out for tacos for lunch with our friends Naomi and Kiki and played in the park. We all climbed trees and rocks and played on the grass.


We’ve climbed part of the way up to the Pagoda on the mountain. It looks like the Jade Palace from Kungfu Panda and has more than 900 steps up to it. Mum went all the way up, but we are going to try another day.


We went to the Shabadi markets where there are thousands of shops selling everything cheap you can think of, billions of crazy things.


We went with a big group of friends, children and adults, to Zhe Wu She village to help them fix their road. The village people made lunch for us and all the Mums helped. There was a digger. We played with our friends.


At our friend An Shan’s house they keep the cows in the lounge room.


I have been playing a lot with my friend Jeremiah. I have had two rides on his dad Brandt’s motorbike. Mum and Dad bought me a new helmet. One time me and Jeremiah were both riding with Brandt on the motorbike, I was on the back and Jeremiah was on the front.


We went swimming at a big pool in Wenshan and swam all afternoon.


I brought my bike with me and I’m doing long weekend rides on roads through the mountains, which don’t have too much traffic if I go out early. Some roads are scary as hell, there are cars, trucks and motor bikes, cows, buffalo carts, slippery clay and cow pats on the road, rock falls and sheer mountain drop offs either side, with nothing but a few flimsy bollards along the edge. But the view is magnificent and it's really nice to get out in the fresh air. I’ve even found a few really quiet mountain roads where I can sit back and enjoy a few minutes of pure peace, with nothing around but breeze, trees and birds.


We bought live fish from a tank in the market and watched the man kill and gut it then Mum had to find out from the internet how to fillet and skin it so she could make us fish and chips for dinner. Yum!


Someone in our apartment building is keeping a peacock on their balcony. We can hear it calling all day.


We played in our local park which has dancing lights and fountains, massive movie screens and thousands of people out every night.


Today we visited our new school. We think it is the only school in the world in a fun park! Each day we will learn piano, dancing, Chinese language, rollerskating and all the normal stuff. It is near our home and the playground is the fun park. We will start school after the holidays finish in a few weeks.